What I Do

My coaching involves a variety of techniques to help you make those changes and achieve your dreams and goals.

Find your balance

Free Sessions

I offer a free, no strings attached, coaching session. This lasts around an hour and gives you some time and space to focus your thoughts. You might choose to work on your priorities, the challenges you want to overcome, or gain clarity over the things that are really important to you. There is no obligation to take things further; you are in control of what happens next. If you want to find out more about a free session, please e-mail or ring now.

Costs , Times and Location

Costs do vary depending on the length of programme you choose. Timings are flexible to suit you and face to face office space is available in Keynsham. I do use skype or the telephone for coaching, but only after at least an initial face to face consultation. If you choose to work with one of my associates Nicola or Harriet, they both work from offices near the centre of Bristol. They both work in a very simialar way to me, and will also offer a free initial consultation.

As part of your coaching experience, I offer a personality profile tool, giving a unique insight into your strengths, preferred environment and characteristics. This information often proves pivotal to improving self confidence and getting relationships back on track either at home or at work. I also offer telephone and e-mail support between sessions, if you want to talk anything through.

Example Programme

  • Session 1: Setting your agenda, clarifying goals and actions around your top priorities
  • Session 2: Your SWOT analysis and bespoke session
  • Session 3: Bespoke session and review of progress to date
  • Session 4: Bespoke session and full review (forward planning, maintaining momentum, identifying support mechanisms)

You will have unlimited telephone and e-mail support available from me between sessions.

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