Transition from employment to self employment:
Andrea is a warm and caring person who builds rapport quickly. She is obviously a very experienced coach who knows how to get the very best out of her clients. I anticipated that I would be quite a challenging client, as my thought processes were quite muddled prior to coaching, but Andrea managed to help me navigate my way, forming tangible goals which I worked towards over a number of months. She always had an appropriate exercise to hand to help explore a subject more deeply, which I found both interesting and beneficial. I learnt a lot about myself and the coaching process and would not hesitate to recommend Andrea to anyone wishing to see improvements in their lives.

Career Coaching:
My sessions with Andrea were really flexible and all about what I wanted or needed to get out of it, and I always left the sessions feeling happier, clearer and more confident about my future and job search.

Career Coaching:
“Working with Andrea has been a genuine pleasure. I now have a sense of purpose and direction with my career. Her mix of analytical exercises, thought provoking discussion and real world examples have helped me develop an achievable strategy to meet my aspirations. Thanks for your help in making everything seem manageable again!”

Career Coaching:
“I really enjoyed each session and got so much out of it. I really feel much better equipped to handle job interviews and write cover letters, not having had to really do these over the past 10-15 years as the jobs came easily, so I had lost the art of interviewing well in a ‘hard’ interview. The sessions really gave me confidence in myself and an understanding of what makes me tick – being aware of where I need to work on myself was particularly helpful. I feel I am in a much better, stronger position to apply for jobs in my new chosen field and attend interviews than I was before. 
I really appreciated your warmth, professionalism, support, enthusiasm, and wisdom. I looked forward to each session and appreciated you challenging me – getting me to think about things in a different way and see things in a different light”

 HR Specialist

I found the coaching sessions with Andrea really beneficial because I was able to talk through a lot of ideas in detail and to get a much clearer picture of where I want to go in my career and how I want to get there.  I found the tools she provided were very useful and I look forward to applying them into my daily life.

 Head of HR
The benefit that coaching has given me, has been quality time to make choices and learn tools that I can apply in my pressured role. Andrea’s communication style was well matched to coaching and it was a pleasure to do this work with her. I particularly enjoyed being challenged around my approach to some things.

Work-based performance impovement
I found Andrea easy to talk to, I was able to be honest with her and with myself. The DISC profile report was really useful in learning about what I’m like and I’ve learnt to except my traits. I now work with my strengths rather than trying to force myself to be like others. I know what I have to offer and this has allowed my confidence to grow. I’ve learnt some key things about how I like to work, what type of environments I will thrive in, and how I should be spending my time. I’m more productive at work and more focused on how to build on my career.

Marketting Manager
I found the DISC personality report a useful resource, along with the very constructive advice Andrea gave about how to develop relationships with all personality type. It was very helpful to receive a view from an experienced professional outside of my situation, and I now have some useful frameworks which I can refer to going forward (presentation technique and interview preparation). I would definitely recommend Andrea and if I could, I would have weekly sessions!

Career transition client
You have great clarity. I always left sessions feeling more positive and empowered. I particularly liked being asked to specify what I would like to work on before the session, which focused me and saved time. You clearly wrote down aims and practical steps I was committing to take and encouraged me to write them down towards the end of the session. You were always very focused and clear about your boundary so the session didn’t drift into general ‘chat’. Always professional, following through if you promised to do something/contact someone and kept in touch to see how I was doing. Thank you!Senior Change Management Consultant
Andrea is extremely professional, obviously experienced and creates an environment that makes you feel at ease. Her way of unpicking issues and challenging assumptions and beliefs has helped me get much closer to understanding how to approach and handle situations for a better result. The challenge I presented Andrea was to help me transition from a position of daily survival in a tough, complex, bureaucratic business environment to a position of being able to better manage myself and my relationships with others.  I have got to a position where it is starting to feel like everyone is working together, in the same direction.  You can read about these techniques in books, but Andrea facilitated me through a process to firstly understand myself and my values; how my personality interacts with others; and provided practical advice on techniques to try back at the office.Administrator
I came to coaching without any experience of what life coaching was about, save for the support that I provide to people in my current job role.  I came with a couple of ideas of what I wanted and came away with ideas and tools of how to go about getting them.  I am more than happy to recommend Andrea as a life coach.  I learnt to be more confident about what I have done in both my job roles and my life by breaking it down in a logical manner and then presenting it in such a way that I don’t forget what to and not to include.Sandhurst Applicant
The sessions allowed me to understand what I needed to do in order to be at my best and recognise where I was hindering myself. I was able to have more clarity in regards to my own thought process and better able recognise where I was not helping myself by thinking in ways that would be detrimental to my performance. The techniques we went through were useful in allowing me to control my thoughts and negativity. I was able to deal better with an unsuccessful outcome by planning and thinking through the scenario before hand and recognising that I did not need to ‘punish’ myself or view the situation as total failure but rather focus on the process not only the outcome. It was also helpful in allowing me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. Accountant
The DISC profiling was a revelation to me; I had doubts that I was even following the right career path, but DISC gave me the reassurance that I was. The answers were all there and suddenly I realised why I wasn’t enjoying my role and quickly understood what changes I had to make to move forward. I felt the key to my positive experience was the coaching relationship; Andrea was very supportive whilst challenging me to stretch myself and really think about what I wanted. I gained confidence in every session. I now have the clarity of mind to know the direction I am going in and every day I move forward on my stepping stone towards reaching my goal.IT Project Manager
Andrea made the whole career coaching experience enjoyable as well as very beneficial.  Having the first session free gives the opportunity to meet and see whether the coach is someone you can get on with, as well as giving the coach time to explain what coaching is, and decide on a route forward.  Andrea explained the process clearly, and was very flexible on times for further bookings.  The next four sessions enabled me to work through a variety of topics, and come away with actions to move forward with.  While it may seem strange to pay someone to ask you questions about yourself, formal coaching helps to make sense of all the thoughts and ideas that are swirling round in your head, get them in a line, and plan actions, but without the bias that a friend, family member or colleague may bring to this type of discussion.  Thank you Andrea for your assistance! Financial Services Specialist
After a break from work, I found coaching with Andrea very useful to clarify on my strengths and weaknesses.  The process was also very beneficial in giving me a more focused approach to finding a role that is right for me.  I also found  talking through my career experience with Andrea helped me to enrich my CV.  Overall I now have a much more positive mental attitude to approaching the job market.Police Officer
I really looked forward to our sessions. Andrea always found something positive to focus on even when I was feeling confused about which direction to take. I have now identified my hobbies and passions, and possibly a new career route. I have found that spark of inspiration which I haven’t seen in myself for a long time. Thank you!

Head of IT Services
Andrea quickly identified areas for attention and was able to help me focus on the key issues. The tool she used for raising belief statements to a more positive level was incredibly powerful! I started the process woefully under confident and about to return to work post maternity leave. I was selling myself  short but finished coaching with Andrea feeling really confident in my abilities and strength! Andrea has really helped me find my inner metal and self belief!

Paralegal Executive
I went to Andrea when I was at a turning point in my life and keen to make changes to my career but lacked the confidence to make definitive decisions. Andrea helped me look at things in a whole different light and equipped me with tools to move forward. Not only is she an excellent coach but a truely lovely woman who makes it so easy to talk to. Andrea has a way of allowing you to open up about things you didn’t know where relevant. She is responsible for rebuilding my self confidence.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Office manager
I feel we were able to quickly build an excellent working relationship which really benefited the whole process and made it very rewarding and enjoyable. Each session was fast-paced without being rushed, which meant a huge amount was covered. Having on-going support whilst updating my CV, and being able to discuss my skills and experience in a productive way has helped me become more focused about my own abilities and motivated to move forward. I was really impressed that in the event all of our sessions stretched beyond the hour, yet this never felt like an issue and definitely helped us cover more ground, for which I was most grateful. The DISC profile was very enlightening, and since reading this I feel I have been better able to understand myself, others around me and our interactions. I feel coaching has helped me a huge amount, not only with practical skills in preparation for interview and CV writing, but also with my whole outlook towards this process, which can feel overwhelming. Andrea is a very positive, warm and professional coach, and was always very willing to be of help wherever possible, including in between our sessions. I would highly recommend working with her and would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

Career Coaching Client
I thought that the coaching process overall was very profound and uncovered quite a few limiting beliefs I had been aware of, but coaching with Andrea helped me make some strong links and finally release them. After examining my fear of success and reframing it, I was able to react in a different way and soon achieved a mini victory a couple of weeks later.  Andrea, thank you for my sessions and thank you for listening to my stories and analogies.  I felt you really listened and had the knack of seeing the problem and reframing it. 

Career Coaching Client
Before I met with Andrea I felt as if my life had lost track and meaning, both at a career and personal level. To a degree, and hopefully not sounding too dramatic, I wasn’t quite sure who I really was anymore. At the beginning of the course we sat down together to discuss some ideas for constructive and desirable outcomes that I wanted us to achieve from working together – Andrea also explained how the sessions would work in order to achieve these. This made a lot of sense as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the work that we would be doing together – this set a very good tone for what was to follow. The sessions have provided me with insight into who am I, enabling me to see what I want and where I want to be in life in a whole new perspective. Andrea’s techniques are such that she essentially guides you to your own thoughts helping you to extract and express them properly. She then she helps you make key decisions about who you really want to be and how you can possibly get there. Prior to meeting Andrea I didn’t understand what I wanted from life or who I really was anymore. Now not only do I feel like I know who I want to be and where I want to take my life – and this is the important thing for me – I also have a “map” that I can use to get me there.  

I would recommend Andrea to any friend or person I meet who needs some guidance in their personal or professional life. Her skills are no doubt applicable to many situations and one of her amazing qualities is that she helps you express yourself and look at yourself totally objectively. Then from this process you are more easily able to define suitable and desirable outcomes. All of these are based upon who you can be as opposed to who you may think you are – which may be the things that are holding you back from being happy, progressing and feeling fulfilled in life

Working with Andrea allowed me to develop an understanding of my key skills and competencies. Even more beneficial was the support in organising my thoughts to form a clear future career plan. A wonderful experience!

TV and Film Editor
During my coaching work with Andrea, I had a massive realization that, having spent 12 years getting to a career goal, the job I am currently working in is not right for me any more.  I have realized that I have reached my limits and potential and have “hit a glass ceiling” to coin a phrase. 
With Andrea’s way of working we were able to uncover this quickly and then begin rebuilding for a new venture. I’ve come to understand that everything we do is a learning experience and sometimes you just need someone objective to help understand this, and that there are plenty more avenues out there.

I have found the whole coaching experience with Andrea inspiring and a great way to work through all my worries and stresses. It has now led me on to a new transition in my life and I can again walk around with a sense of purpose.

Will Writer
I found the sessions with Andrea really enjoyable, but most importantly helped me to establish priorities. Prior to working with Andrea, procrastination ruled and I just could not get myself focused or motivated. As a small business owner, I simply could not afford to waste time, and working with Andrea has really helped me overcome the challenges what were stopping progress. I now have clear business plan which I am motivated and focused to deliver. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who wants more from their lives and careers.

Arts and media professional
I felt very comfortable speaking to Andrea even about things which were sometimes difficult to bring up.  I felt she was very supportive, non-judgemental and offered practical advice which was easy to follow. I also believe that Andrea was genuinely interested in me and my well-being. The most noticeable change is a vast improvement in my  self-confidence. I feel that lack of confidence was holding me back more than I had realised and working with Andrea, I have learned how to minimise the fear I was feeling and to move forward step by step. I am enjoying the freedom I now allow myself and the relief from the enormous pressure I was putting myself under. I have very much enjoyed the whole experience. 

Research Academic
I found Andrea to be a really compassionate person, who clearly enjoyed her work. If sessions ran over time, she very generously extended the session so I could finish my thinking. I thought Andrea was a great listener and questioner. I’m really grateful for the support Andrea has given me in helping to sharpen my sense of purpose and direction. 

Senior Management Accountant
Having someone help me structure my thoughts, and turn them into an action plan, was absolutely invaluable. I also really benefited from the personality profiling, as that helped me understand why I act the way I do and also acted as a useful tool for career discussions. I also really liked the fact that we had an initial telephone consultation before we met, as that meant we could hit the ground running in our first session.

Andrea was an absolute joy to work with. Not only was she an excellent life coach who helped me build a tangible plan for the next stage of my life, she is also a really lovely, kind and supportive person, which makes a lot of difference when you’re trying to work out what to do with your life. I really enjoyed our sessions and got a lot out of them, and wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I need further assistance in the future.

Investment Consultant
Having come to a crossroads in my career and feeling lost as to what to do next, it was invaluable to have the time and tools to reflect on my key skills and drivers, which Andrea helped me identify in our early sessions. Her ability to ask questions in a way that drew answers out of me- answers which had always been there but which I hadn’t fully recognised- was, I found, tremendously affirming. She did not lead me to a conclusion, the conclusion came from me. This, along with the other tools Andrea and I used to identify my core values and skills, gave me a huge amount of confidence. By setting targets for each session I had greater motivation, and was able to accomplish more towards making a new career move than I had done on my own.

Andrea’s coaching pre- and post-interviews added to my confidence, and it was a testament to our work together that by the end of our block of sessions I had been offered and accepted a job in a new area, fulfilling the majority of my aspirations. I have learnt important lessons for now and for my future career from Andrea. I cannot praise her work highly enough.

Veterinary Surgeon
“Hello. You are probably reading this because you are considering using a life coach.  I highly recommend Andrea.  Having had only four sessions with her, I now have a calm, focus and direction which is always with me no matter how tired I get.  My life is going exactly where I want it to go.  Simply brilliant.  I really used to struggle to sleep with a horrid effect on the rest of my life.  Getting to sleep is never an issue at all now.  My diet has also hugely improved.  To gain even more out my sessions I read some of the books from her reading list which then lead to further reading and only reinforced what we discussed in our sessions.  Andrea does exactly what she states on her website.”

Career and life coaching client
I was finding life very challenging, and found myself doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result.  My career and personal life had reached a crossroads and my free consultation with Andrea really made me feel optimistic about life and I felt very positive about continuing to work with her. I don’t think it was coincidental that my life improved significantly as a result of working with Andrea.  I have increased my salary by 40%, made peace with my past and am in a stronger position to start a new life in New Zealand. I feel sure I would not have achieved this level of change unsupported. There are many self-help material out there, but I took action to have Andrea as my coach and I would recommend picking up the phone and talking to her. I am so glad I made this investment in myself. 

Life coaching client
I chose to see Andrea for life coaching at a time when I felt I had lots of positive things in place but lacked any direction. The loss of my father that I was facing consumed me to the point that in reality, I was waiting in limbo, not feeling able to move on with my life until the inevitable happened.  Andrea helped me to realise that I could make changes and achieve things alongside what I was going through. Talking to Andrea and her skills in challenging my thoughts really drew out if me what I needed to change but also what I needed to accept about myself.
It’s been 3 months since my life coaching sessions with Andrea ended.  I’ve kept up a regular exercise routine which I never managed to do in the past!  I’m focussed on myself more rather than always doing for others and that has allowed me to apply for new jobs, seek out hobbies and generally chill out when I need to!  
As someone who has had counselling in the past I would promote life coaching as a very different experience suited to those who want to be challenged to make changes and to be guided on how to sustain change despite external factors out of your control.  I loved the experience and so glad I did it.

Business Analyst
The ability to talk opening with Andrea was an enlightening experience. It allowed me to explore my own thoughts and objectively consider what I want to do and more importantly, how I am going to make changes and take action in order to do something different. It also gave me confidence and allowed me to explore my own ambitions and not simply settle with the status quo. Andrea was extremely easy to talk to and each session produced tangible actions that I could take away and focus on. I am so pleased I decided to contact Andrea.

Contemporary Artist
Looking back from when I started coaching, many things have moved forward and developed at a pace I could not have achieved on my own. Particularly with one creative venture coaching has helped me move forward, since having coaching with Andrea I have set up my own arts organisation. Being prone to loose motivation and confidence coaching was able to keep me focused and on track. Learning to plan and set goals has been essential to making these changes. I found Andrea to be warm, non-judgement and supportive. She seemed un-phased by the various issued I bought to the session and we always found a way forward.

Ex Military Serviceman
The 1-2-1 interaction has been great. Andrea took time to thoroughly investigate where I was coming from and my possible aspirations for future projects. My experience of coaching with Andrea has been first class in all aspects. Superb coaching and reasoned approach. I would recommend Andrea without reservation and very good value for money.

Account Manager
The DISC assessment was very helpful to ascertain parts of my personality that were not coming across during interviews. What I have learnt has now been incorporated into my CV and interview technique. Andrea provided an excellent service and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a career change or coming unstuck in some way at interview. Andrea has a very good coaching style which has been well worth the investment.

Life Coach Client
It has been utterly invaluable to me to be able to talk through my thoughts openly with Andrea. Having an un-biased and objective view of my issues has helped me so much to unravel the mess and feel so much more positive and confident moving forwards. I cannot recommend Andrea and her coaching highly enough! I will certainly be returning for more help as and when I need it! 

My sessions were always focused and centred on my needs and I really felt I was receiving a tailor-made service. The sessions were well conducted and had a clear, fast-paced structure as well as time to reflect on key issues. Andrea was non-judgemental and supportive of my feelings. Each session felt ‘finished’ and some led clearly onto a topic for discussion for the next time.

Public sector worker
My career coaching experience increased my self esteem, got me in touch with who I really am, validated my skills and experience and helped me move beyond self limiting beliefs. As a result, I now have a true vision of how I would like my career to develop. Andrea’s style is professional, insightful and encouraging.  

HR Advisor
I cannot thank Andrea enough with the sessions I’ve had with her. She helped me to identify a set of actions and objectives to reach my goal and how to turn all negative experiences into solutions that can help me progress my career. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is seriously considering in making a change to their life and career!

Manager – graduate training programme
Andrea has really helped me to stay focused and my confidence has had a tremendous boost. When I started coaching with Andrea I felt very down and my self esteem had take a bit of a knock. Session were really focused around goals and actions and I came away from every session feeling energized. 

Finance director – public sector body
Sessions with Andrea finally gave me a bit of ‘me time’ and the chance to finally reflect on my career and life as a whole. I quickly become clear about what needed to happen to get back on track.

Director of a small local business
Being very focused on the day to day running of my business is the what takes up most of my time. Coaching gave me some invaluable time sit down and plan. It has been a very interesting experience and not what I had quite expected, but the impact has been very positive for me personally and for my business.

Account Manager – finance sector
Managing my time was a key challenge for me. Andrea helped me to work through the detail of my daily tasks to come up with a very clear structure for the week. My peers and superiors have noticed a marked improvement in my performance and above all I feel much more in control.


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