About Nicola


From time to time, during particularly busy periods, or to support me during holiday times, I call on the support of 2 very experienced and trusted coaches; Harriet Attwood and Nicola Shelley.

About Nicola:
My coaching draws on a range on of experiences and is underpinned by my training as an NLP master practioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming). For me this means; ‘How are you doing what you are doing and is it working?’ This is not just about what actions you take but the thoughts and beliefs you carry with you. I am very interested in the language you use when you talk about others, or indeed to yourself. Are you kind? Are you critical? Do you judge others?

As a former teacher, I was always passionate about the well-being of students and knew that this made an enormous difference to how they performed in other aspects of their lives. Your holistic well-being will be very important to me during coaching sessions and I will be looking at the whole picture in order to move you forward to the future you want.

During my formal training, I have gained wealth of knowledge and experience which directly influences the way in which I coach. Every time I coach, I see at first hand the value of giving you quiet, reflective time and respond to questions that you may not have considered before.

When working with me, we can work in a traditional office, or we can take advantage of fresh air (pending weather) which many of my clients enjoy and benefit tremendously from. Whether you chose the inside or outdoors, the choice is always yours, however the outcome will remain the same; time for you to think differently in order to achieve something valuable and different in your life.

“The changes were subtle, I found that I was gradually taking more time for myself and going out more. I realised what I knew all along; I knew my interests and passions and am beginning to act upon them.  I rediscovered strengths I have and found that coaching brought me out of my shell. My partner says he feels I am more proactive and positive.”

Testimonials for Nicola:

“Thank you for our session yesterday. I thought it would be a complete failure because of how I felt before coming. I felt so mellow when I left and believe it or not, I slept so well that night.”

 “Nicola helped me to gain confidence both personally and professionally in order to leave an unfulfilling job and find another, in which I am very happy.”

“There are so many things I gained from Nicola, but especially the new perspective I have gained. The way that she communicates was so helpful to me.”

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