Overwhelming Change

A good friend of mine (let’s call her Sue) has recently experienced a significant change at work. She is teacher in the public sector, and made the brave decision to leave a job she had outgrown, and move to new city, that being Bristol. As well as her job leaving her feeling unfulfilled, her home town was starting to become stifling and limiting. In short Sue had become stale and disillusioned.

So, this summer Sue put her belongings into storage, put her cat into a cattery and lodged with friends (us included) until her flat in Bristol became available. Whilst staying with friends, she started a brand-new job, in a new school, at a higher grade. I guess change does not get more stressful than that.

Sue had been so brave to make the decision to leave her home town, and take all the action needed to move to a new city. However, the impact of all this change took her a little by surprise. This proved to be a very emotional and overwhelming time and support from friends and family was invaluable.

During her first week in her new school, Sue and I spent a good amount of time together debriefing each day and breaking the day down into small milestones and reflecting on the micro ‘wins’. Luckily for Sue, I have the training and experience to be able to support her, however many of our wonderful friends and family find it hard to say the right things in times of stress.

The power of working with a coach, is that you get the opportunity to work with someone who is completely objective and detached from your emotions, but at the same time completely in your corner. To hear someone reflect back what has been running around in your mind, in a clear, succinct way can be exactly what is needed. A coach will help you arrive at your own ‘truths’ and think about things is a calm, reflective manner.

If overwhelming change is something you have been grappling with, then take a moment to write down your positive ‘wins’ over the last day or so. If you can’t think of anything, then maybe it’s time to think about getting some additional support.

Whatever you decide, greatness can only come from taking risks; sometimes we just need some help to manage the short-term day to day.



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