Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 3:34 pm

What’s Your Strategy for…?

All of the coaching work I do is underpinned by NLP principles and practice. One of those principles is that we have strategies for doing pretty much everything. This could include the way we approach a presentation, recruitment, a management meeting, networking or an interview. It also goes much further than that. We have a strategy for other aspects of our lives too, such as how we cope under stress, how we interact with strangers, how we behave when challenged or how we can become anxious. Within that strategy are a mixture of behaviours and thoughts.

One of the aspects of coaching is exploring the way you do things well and looking at how this can translate to other areas of your life.  On the flip side we can also look at negative strategies and seek to undo them and shift them so, for illustrative purposes, an example:

How to get anxious before an event

  • Think about what is making you anxious, ideally quite a way in advance of the event happening.
  • When thinking, make sure that you are breathing short shallow breaths
  • Recall times when didn’t things go quite so well and focus intently on that
  • Forget times when things turned out well
  • Ignore times when you dealt well with the anxiety
  • Allow other negative thoughts to creep in
  • Make sure when thinking about the event you are using impactful language such as crisis, chaos, dreadful, awful etc.
  • Keep it to yourself. Do not share the anxiety with anyone else.

Funnily enough by looking at your strategy in this way you can begin to undo it.

If you are looking for help using those positive strategies elsewhere in your life or perhaps undoing some of the negative do get in touch!

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