Monday, September 7th, 2015 at 10:38 am

September Sunshine

For many of us, September heralds the new year, a time for a fresh start. For a recent example, Cancer Research have launched the ‘Dryathalon’ for Dry September to re-balance all those nice cocktails you may have enjoyed on holiday. Once the suntan lotions have been packed away, and warmer jumpers have been pulled out of the wardrobe, your attention may start to focus on a new start for you. It may be a fresh look at your career, or making positive changes in your personal life.

We have very busy and often frenetic lives, and having clear thinking time can feel like an elusive slippery eel. Like looking at a masterpiece of art at a very close distance, it can be very difficult to see the whole picture and gain a proper sense of perspective. Gaining clarity, getting perspective, and identifying your priorities is exactly what I provide as your coach.

So, if you feel coaching could be something that might help you, you have the opportunity to have an initial complementary coaching session with me. If our connection feels right, and I’ve got clear about your coaching outcomes, then you can take things from there.

Otherwise, take a look at the free resources on this website, or at least bookmark this website for a later time.

Whatever you decide, my best and kind regards

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