Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Things that need to be discussed

I recently finished working with a client who came to me primarily to forge a clear career path. This particular client was very clear about the line of work she wished to pursue, but was struggling to make contacts and create a network in this particular vocational field.

During sessions, we talked about where the barriers and obstacles might be, and how to circumnavigate them. It quickly became clear that some barriers were so big that they were completely preventing progress. As a coach, my job is to ‘dig’ and drill down to less obvious, but core issues, and in this situation I was able to shine to light onto some fundamental things that were really causing the problem.

We took the time to talk through some personal and very sensitive issues, but like the saying goes, and problem shared in a problem halved. Once the words had come out into the open, together we could work out how to move forward.

The coaching experience for this individual was very liberating. She told me of the many benefit she has gained from coaching, but talking through things that needed to be said,  was very powerful.

If you feel you need someone objective to explore some of the barriers that are getting in your way, please do ring to let up an initial consultation.

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