Welcome to Andrea Harding and Associates Life and Career Coaching

If you need to make a change in your life, but are finding it almost impossible to find a path forward, now is probably a very good time for you to explore the possibility of working with me.

My style of coaching, and my coaching philosophy is to support you fully, but challenge you appropriately to find your own ways of doing things. I have had over 20 year experience working in learning and development for both corporate and commercial sectors, which means you can tap into my knowledge to help you sharpen up your life and professional skills.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy, but a forward looking, goal orientated partnership with a coach. My style of coaching is very much focused on giving you a positive and empowering experience where you set the agenda, but at the same time challenge you to address the ‘status quo’. Together we look to clarify the present, crystalize what the future needs to look like and work out a plan.

Get Moving
These are the top 10 reasons my clients chose coaching to help them move forward

Would you like to:

Look to the future with confidence

  1. Recover from a life cross-roads and plan what’s next?
  2. Get more fulfillment for your job?
  3. Work out how to find time for your personal life?
  4. Change your career direction?
  5. Develop a business idea?
  6. Increase your self confidence?
  7. Get back on your game after being knocked off track?
  8. Prepare for an interview?
  9. Get to grips with a new role?
  10. Work out a plan to make a goal a reality?

If any of this resonates with you, give me a ring at any time, and we can talk though your questions and maybe set up an initial meeting which lasts about an hour.

My warmest wishes
Andrea Harding

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